Monday, February 28, 2011

Bike Parade in Brazil Goes Horribly Wrong (50 sec mark)

  Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck behind a bike rider who thinks his schwinn deserves a full lane to travel in. Bikers bitched to get bike lanes put in the city and I rarely see them used. So I can really relate to the driver in this video.There is a tradition of road rage in my family and I'm like the crown prince of it. Not one day goes by without me wanting to kick the shit out of bike messengers/commuters.
   My biggest pet peeve is when they blow through red lights and stop signs and act as if Im supposed to always give way. Well now Im done chasing them down and just spitting on them. No, now Im gona start running over these fucks.
You've been warned. And a GMC Denali will do a lot more damage than this little Brazilian toy car.

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