Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chad OchoCinco was Doing His DWTS Partner

USA Today - Of all her Dancing With The Stars partners, Cheryl Burke appeared to have a particular connection to Chad Ochocinco. In her new book, Dancing Lessons, Burke, 26, writes that people assumed she and Chad were “an item” last spring because they had great chemistry and were both single. (There was also the matter of that $10,000 ring he gave her.) And now she tells Lifeline Live that, yes, “We had a little bit of a fling.” They dated? “We didn’t date. I wouldn’t call that dating,” she said, calling yesterday between media appearances for the book. “We maybe had a little bit of a fling. I wouldn’t take it to that word dating.”

So the chick with the big juicy ass, who got molested as a kid, fucked a black athlete?  Would have never seen that coming.

Hey Steve Sanders, you losing your touch bro?

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