Monday, February 28, 2011

Do Yourself a Favor and Watch. Charlie Sheen: CBS owes me an apology, a big one, while licking my feet"

In the best interview ever made in the history of the world, Charlie Sheen met with the Jeff Rosen of The Today Show and said the following:

When asked if he was sober, "Look at me, duh!  Drug tests don't lie. Scoreboard don't lie."

He says that AA is a sham with a 5% success rate and as a retired gambler he needs better odds than that.

He is ecastic that his kids can read about this one day, and they can come to him and get the truth, "Wow!  Winning!"

He calls Thomas Jefferson a pussy.

He says CBS is trying to destroy his family by making him unable to support them (I think Latrell Sprewell told him to say this) then follows it up with the classic, "They picked a fight with a warlock."

"Epic Behavior" after the Jeff Rosen read a list of all his partying the last few months.

He never missed a day of shooting but never missed a Practice.  We talking bout practice.  Yep, he even quotes Allen Iverson and gives him a shout out.

He then brilliantly starts asking unanswerable questions to Two and a Half Men creater Chuck Lorre pretty much blaming everything on him for the show's demise.

"...(AA) is for people who are'nt special, people who don't have tiger blood in them, people without adonis dna."

Watch at 9:54 when Rosen asks him how he can convince a producer to hire him, Chuck looks at him like he's fucking insane for even thinking someone wouldn't want him on their project.  Then follows it up with the outstanding line "first of all come Wednesday they are going to name it Charlie Brothers not Warner Brothers, DUH, Winning!"

"Come on bro, I won best picture at 20, I wasn't even trying."

It's official, Charlie Sheen is untouchable.  No matter what he does, no matter what he says, people (me especially) are completely fascinated by him and adore him.  He is the coolest man on the planet, Duh, Winning.  God Bless you Charlie Sheen.  There is so much more to this interview, you have to watch it.  Best interview I've ever seen.

- Eddie Adams

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