Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does This Look Like The Face Of An Iowa Star High Jumper That Broke A Champagne Bottle Over Some Guy’s Head For Pissing In The Middle Of The Liquor Store?

HuffPo - University of Iowa senior and high jumper for the track and field team Graham C. Valdes, 22, was charged with assault causing bodily injury after he allegedly struck another man with a champagne bottle in a liquor store, reports the Des Moines Register.  Upon his arrest on early Saturday morning, Valdes told police that he attacked the still-unidentified man because he felt threatened by him. The victim, who officials found bleeding from the head when they arrived on the scene, said he had been trying to leave after a companion had urinated in the store, reports the Iowa City Press-Citizen.  The Press-Citizen adds that he ties for seventh highest all-time high jump at the university.

This is the heartland, love it or leave it. We sheriff ourselves around these parts. And if you feel threatened by public urination, then by all means knock that motherfucker out. Wait did that say the victims companion pissed in the store. Oh then that changes everything . Lock that track fag up.

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