Monday, February 28, 2011

Joakim Noah sisters hot. But not so fast my friend?

I mean by most people standards the bitch is a hot, tall mulatto. And i want to pin her ankles behind her ears and make her dreams come true for 90 seconds. But i fear the situation will be similar to the scene from the devils advocate where the face of the chick keanu is fucking keeps changing from his wife to the other hot chick. But in my situation it morphs from the hot young model to her mongloid 7ft foot brother who is on my favorite basketball team (especially that last pic right?). That being said I'd fuck her sans conny, and the bulls dominated the wizards despite around 16 turnovers. The score isn't important chief, we won.

Ed note: thanks to Tazer for the the heads up on Noahs sister. Ya tazer is one of my friends. No it isn't his last name. No it has never been his nick name before today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life tazer, congrats.

- les Anderson

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