Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ladies, better brush up on those psalms

Perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch – it’s not like Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has gone on record stating that he’s hitting the club scene and working his Christianity-based Lotharioism on luscious ladies, but during a wide-ranging  interview with his hometown newspaper, The Florida Times-Union, Tebow did dish on his current relationship status, and guess what, gals? Let your hearts go aflutter, because while professionally, Tebow may belong to the Denver Broncos, as far as the ladies are concerned, he’s unattached!

You posted on Twitter recently that two girls were accompanying you on a Valentine’s Day date, then revealed they were your nieces. That was an interesting tease for your followers and TMZ. So here’s a chance for full disclosure. Are you a free agent on the dating scene, seeing one woman exclusively, or is this topic out of bounds?
No, it’s not out of bounds. I can say I’m single. It hasn’t happened yet for me. Who knows? We’ll see.

I actually like tebow more than most of my friends. I think it is awesome he is a beast and runs over ever tom, dick, and demarkus, on the field. And as those juice boxes and huge black dudes pull themselves off the turf they have to think about getting blown up by a virgin. What i don't get is he says "it" hasn't happened for him yet. Shit i thought that was voluntary on his part. But if by "it" he means girlfriend, im pretty sure the south is chalk full of 10s who go to jars of clay concerts and are technically virgins (cause maybe they take it in the ass).

Ed note: I google imaged tebow looking for unintentionally gay pics, but it was mostly football pics and pics of him with chicks in bikinis and chicks at parties. So the opportunity is there for him to either bang or to take on a trophy wife of sorts to cover up his rampant use of male hookers ( I'm looking at you Ted haggard). Oh and there is a 3rd option of just finding a smoking hot virgin, marry her, and finally release, what i can imagine will be 16 plus ozs of seed, inside her

- les Anderson

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