Thursday, February 24, 2011

My current top 5

This shit will change from time to time

The 1st chick is victorias secret model erin heatherton (from skokie, il)
The 2nd babe is Frankie Sanford from the british girl group The Saturdays
The 3rd chick is Carrie Underwood from stuff
The 4th chick is cheryl cole from my wet dreams and some other british girl group
The 5th chick is Isabel Lucas from transformers 2.  But she may be out real soon cause as i was googling her, i see she dated adrian grenier better known as vinny chase, and she may have cheated on him with shia lebouf.  So on one hand she has really low standards and i should be happy.  On the other had what the fuck is wrong with her

-les anderson

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