Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cabrini Coming Down

The last high rise of Cabrini is coming down, finally.  As a kid and even now I took some weird pride in Chicago having such a famous housing project.  It was a legendary place and any fame is good fame I guess.  Either way I hear there is new Target coming!  If you have never seen the 'Gangland' on Cabrini it is one of the best ones, but im pretty sure they ripped of a bunch of their shit from the guys who made the above video.  This video has been out for a while, made as a trailer for a feature length documentary about Cabrini, the makers were from Cabrini themselves.  Surprise, no feature ever came out.  I mean who knows what could have happened, they were black males from Cabrini between the ages of 18-24, they had like a 7% chance of becoming 25. The video is 7 minutes of heaven though, so enjoy as as we pour one out for Cabrini.

-Les Anderson

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