Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can ESPN televise Jay Bilas Eating Shit Now

  Two weeks after saying VCU making the tournament "fails the laugh test", the Rams are heading to the Final Four. And I know Jay wasn't the only one who thought VCU had no business being in the tournament, but he is the biggest douche to say it. A typical Duke know it all, and a typical Duke white college player never to make it in the pros, Bilas is everything I hate about Duke.
  I think the ratings would be record breaking, if ESPN made Bilas eat actual ram shit on live television. Like Digger could wear his brown tie and matching highlighter next to Bilas, while Dickey V is yelling, "oh he ate it baby. He's a S-E-A , a shit eating analyst baby". That would pass my laugh test.

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