Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Erik Ainge- If only I knew you were this cool


   So Erik Ainge, former star at University of Tennessee and back up for the Jets and nephew of crybaby/shady deal maker Danny Ainge, is pretty much a master.  I mean ya he fucked his life, but master nonetheless.  He is fresh out of rehab and talking about it.  People with awesome stories about when they used to be cool are ok in my book.  Enough about me and on to some highlights:

-started using drugs when he was 12. It began with a bong hit, and it escalated from marijuana to prescription meds, alcohol, cocaine and heroin.

 -the large tattoo on his back: "Crazy White Boy". Sadly, he has no recollection of getting that tattoo.

-"I was a really bad drug addict. I would've made Charlie Sheen look like Miss Daisy."
(ed note: I know one guy who wouldnt agree with this? I for one respect those who came before me, but still I admire Erik's comparison)

-it was painkillers -- and lots of them. I was taking 25 Percocets at a time. Five hours later, I'd do it again. Another eight hours, and I'd do it again.

-I was driving under the influence almost every night, so I moved into a place I couldn't afford just because it was closer to the bars [in Morristown, N.J.] -- and it was a nice place to bring women.

-At that point, I was using a lot of heroin.

- He was a really bad influence. Between the two of us, we were sleeping with a lot of women. 

The rest turns "positive", ya positively boring! Am I right?

Anyway the full article is below.  

-Les Anderson

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