Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jersey Shore Recap

Ok of all the nonsense I watch, Jersey Shore pains me the most.  I was all for the multiple seasons of the show, but with a new cast every season ala Real World.  Like these idiots are not disposable, being from Schaumburg, I can verify they are, indeed, a dime a dozen.  But I digress, back to the recap. 

Nothing happened...some dude looked just like Ronnie (actually kinda funny)....Ronnie and Sammie fought...Ronnie started crying (also pretty funny, I really tried hard to find a clip)...Ronnie and Sam fought...Ronnie Danced (Always Funny)....JWoww's dad showed up (see pic, clearly funny)

  Onto more pressing matters JWoww's dad has just shot on to the "master" scene.  He is a candidate for rookie of the year, his only problem is his lack of face time.  But as you can see he makes the most of every opportunity.  It didn't say what he does, but I'd guess he sees steady employment as a stunt double for Merideth Baxter Birney, former Family Ties MILF and current ultra dyke

-Les Anderson

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