Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nice Fight Song... Kill Yourself

   This video is gayer than Roberto Alomar, allegedly. And I take back everything I said about Jay Bilas, these clowns don't belong. Final Fours are for party schools (read state colleges). While Kentucky has been rioting since Sunday, the VCU students are doing this. Its pathetic.
   I mean act like you've been to a Final Four before. It's time to be cocky not put a cock in your mouth. Have a little respect for yourselves, and act as if you belong. Act as if you're gonna win this fucking tourney. Act as if you had a reservation at the Hilton Hotel Houston all year long.
   And mark my words, the major university that hires Shaka Smart after this run, will immediately regret that decision and he will be fired within 2-3 years. Missouri, are you listening?

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