Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purple Drink Strikes Again

   Johnny Jolly (great name by the way, gotta love that alliteration) was busted with 600 grams of codeine, the main ingredient in purple drank/syrup/sizzurp/etc.  It's basically liquid codeine and sprite.  Oh and dont forget the jolly ranchers for flavor. 
   I remember my mom having surgery in Junior High and her getting prescribed liquid codeine and I remember drinking it, but only a small amount so as to not get pinched.   That is hardly the full experience of sprite, jolly ranchers, a goblet, groupies, and my crew around. 
  Ill have get back to you on this one, I'm going to try pretty hard to get chopped and screwed this summer.  It has to be fun if this many rich black dudes like it so much.

-Les Anderson

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