Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Renegade Had a Bachelor Party

Son of famed Latin lover and star of Renegade, Lorenzo Lamas, had a bachelor party this past weekend. 0328_lorenzo_lamas_lapdance_TMZ_EX_WM
Some thoughts:

His dad was Fernando Lamas literally a famous latin lover
 - In one of his most memorable moments on The Tonight Show, Lamas admitted that "sometimes other men said that he was gay, and nothing pleased him more than proving them wrong with their own wives".

Lorenzo's career speaks for itself, and he getting married to this 23 year old...

Lorenzo's son is male model who banged Lindsay lohan, but what male model in LA hasn't ?

Maybe you think this post is too long, maybe you never watched Renegade, maybe you didnt see the picture below

-Les Anderson

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