Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiger is Selling His Yacht

 Tiger Woods has decided to sell his yacht 'Privacy' which was once a wedding gift to his then bride, Elin. She turned down the yacht in the divorce settlement citing it's expensive upkeep. The yacht has a full time crew of 13 and costs more than 2 million a year to maintain. Woods is reportedly asking  for $25 million for the 6,500 sq ft vessel.

   Oh that poor woman, that poor fucking woman. She was a nanny before she met him. Now everyone acts like she deserves what she got in the divorce settlement. Fuck Elin, her biggest problems in life consist of which mansion to buy and what not to keep in the divorce settlement: "I will take the house in Florida, the house in Italy, your will to compete on the golf course and the kids. You get the boat that eats money and a bad rep. But I keep my mouth shut. Deal? Good".
   Ruthless bitch. I find myself more attracted to her than ever.

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