Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Can Put It On the Board! Yes!

    Supposedly, these pictures were taken from Greek Philanthropy Day at USC, where it seems the Kappa Sigs are at it again. Reportedly, 300 people witnessed this act on top of the Rossier School of Education Building. If you'll remember we wrote about this frat and their email going around about their scoreboard of sexual conquests.
  If these pictures are for real, this is a ruthian shot. The kind of conquest that could end the competition with more than half the semester remaining. I mean can anything top this? Maybe smushing a USC song girl on the field at halftime of the spring game. Or banging the dean's wife on the main quad during parent's week.
  I'm sure they'll do something fratastic.

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  1. Kappa Sigs just seem to dominate wherever they go. Honestly, the odds that could have been 2 guys was 10 to 1