Friday, April 29, 2011

1st Round Booms and Busts

The Booms (In the order they were drafted)

1-AJ Green, Bengals- Best combination of size and speed at any skill position in the draft. I like Julio Jones too, and I'm sure the two will always be compared to each other, but if I had to pick a Hall of Famer out of this draft, my money would be on Green.

2-Patrick Patterson, Cardinals- A legit shutdown corner. He is a top 20 NFL cornerback the day he signs his contract. Too bad his skills will be wasted in the desert.

3-Tryon Smith, Cowboys- Best offensive lineman in the draft. He is a phyiscal freak of nature. He will probably be their starting left tackle and will be counted to protect Tony Romo's blindside. If he is as good as advertised the Cowboys could be a contender this season.

4-Adrian Clayborn, Buccaneers-You know why.

 Honorable Mentions
Prince Amukamara -CB- NY Giants

Now comes the easy part of my job, predicting Busts

1- Cam Newton, Panthers- Vince Young Lite. This guy won't be able to throw down field and beat teams in this league. He can't read coverages and can't out run NFL defenses. But he will sell tickets for them, so there's that.

2- Aldon Smith, 49ers- Not a bad player, just not worthy of a top 10 pick, seems like a reach. I'm a little surprised Jim Harbough didn't go offense here, but it told me these QBs being taken all suck.

3- JJ Watt, Texans- being the "high motor",   "hustle guy" only gets you so far in the NFL, mainly it gets you on the special teams. #11 overall yikes. He was the 3rd best DE in the Big Ten (Clayborn, Kerrigan). Playing opposite DeMarco Williams will help but a Nick Farley might have made more sense here, as the Texans need help stopping the run.

4- Christian Ponder, Vikings- Bahhhhhhhahhhhhhhaaaahaaaaaaa. Get fucked.  This was obviously a panic move after Locker and Gabbert went. At least they got the pick in time this year.

Honorable Mentions
Blaine Gabbert QB Jaguars

But last night's biggest loser.....Andrew Luck.

Garanteed #1 pick, even if Luck gets picked #1 in 2012 he still loses a earning year, which for the average NFL draftee is 3-4 years. There aren't many guarantees in life and this kid just passed on a big one. Stay healthy kid.

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