Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet the newest Chicago Bear.......Gabe Carimi

University of Wisconsin OT 314 LBS 6'7''

  He can play both right tackle and right gaurd. He isn't a sexy pick, but he is probably the right pick. He was the best available offensive lineman on the board and it is obviously the Beasr biggest need. He obviously has the size to be a starting tackle in the NFL, then again so did Chris Williams.
  The knock on him is that he isn't as mobile as the other OL taken in the first round. Some also knock his brash attitude. Most of these people are stuck up douche bags.
  "I know I'm the best tackle out there," Carimi said at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. "So I'm just going to play like it and act like it."
  Bu you can't knock his competition this season, as he has played against 4 first round DEs and against JJ Watt in practice everyday.  That's a pretty good resume... maybe this kid will be the best tackle in this draft. This pick is crucial to are season. He needs to come in to camp ready to be our starting right tackle.

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