Thursday, April 28, 2011

Must be spring time

Samantha Lockwood in Esquire Magazine's Me in My Place
Stacy Keibler Me in My Place Photoshoot for Esquire MagazineNatalie Zea Gets Sexy In Her Place'
Sarah Shahi In Esquire Me in My PlaceHope Dworaczyk Sexy In Her Place for Esquire

RANCHI, India -- An engineering student was in police custody Thursday after allegedly slicing his girlfriend's head off with a ceremonial dagger in front of her classmates at an Indian university.
Authorities said Khushbu's head was sliced off in the attack. Kumar later told police that he loved his girlfriend and wanted to kill her and himself because her parents would not let them marry.

Ahhh to be young and love. 

 A former high school band teacher in North Carolina was arrested on sex charges after a young woman wrote in an essay in her college newspaper that he got her pregnant — and took her to get an abortion — when she was his student.

The essay, "I had an affair with my high school teacher," used some fake names but identified the Winston-Salem school, and the principal there tipped off authorities. It was originally written for a composition class at North Carolina Central University and appeared in the campus paper this month as part of an annual special section
The piece, which describes a relationship that started when the student was 17 and her teacher 24, begins with a chilling description of the abortion.

"The sound of the vacuum still rings in my ears almost three years later,"

Fuck, TMI much

but this is the worst part for the dude

The age of consent in North Carolina is 16, but Jones was charged under a law that specifically makes it a crime for a teacher to have sex with a student at the same school.

Seriously 16?  that's kind of awesome.  note to self: look into moving to North Carolina

An attorney who specializes in drunken-driving offenses is suing a Florida strip club, claiming it got him so drunk he spent almost $19,000 on his credit card, reports. 

Nothing is worse than waking up on Sunday and logging into your online banking to survey the damage and see that you have spent more than the artificially high number you estimated just so the real damage was lower than your fake estimate.  I hope this guys wins.   Not on principal, but just as a small victory for drunk over spenders everywhere

- Les Anderson

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