Thursday, April 28, 2011

NBA round up


The Heat held off the Sixers to wrap the series up.  This Miami vs Boston round 2 should be awesome.  I expect some fights, multiple technicals, and a bunch of superstars all acting like babies.  For a good chunk of time 7 out of 10 players on the court are going to be all stars.  I like Miami more but I think Boston is the best match up for the Bulls by a mile.  Boston does kind of have mind control of Miami, so even though Miami is playing better Im hoping they shrink on the big stage here, event though I hate Boston (the city, they people, and the sports).

San Antonio refusing to die like an old man staring at the wall at a nursing home won in OT.  But who really cares.

OKC got past the Westbrook/Durant drama for game and closed out the series.  Id like to see that drama come back and fester.  I like both Durant and Westbrook, but they both are not D.Rose so them being awesome takes away from Rose coverage.  Also this team could be good for a long time, but I do not see Westbrook sticking around to see that happen, especially with all the attention Rose gets.

Lets hope Atlanta wins tonight, the Magic scare the shit out of me.  Besides Dwight, if they get hot from 3pt range that is all she wrote.  Also Id like to see the Hornets win, even though I have no beef with The Lakers, Kobe with as many rings as MJ would bother the fuck out of me.

-Les Anderson

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