Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AK-47 2.0

andrei kirilenko is a dumb
Andrei Kirilenko's WOW tattoo. Wow.

Carol Brady hair enthusiast and Utah Jazz Forward Andrei Kirilenko got some new ink.  It is of his World of Warcraft avatar riding a dragon.  I can only assume that left to my own devices at 13 years old I would have got a tatoo of me, Sub Zero and Ryu riding bikes and egging the pricinpal's house so I can't really fault Andrei.  He said "One day when I grow up and I have the money and the power...." and he actually followed through on it.  More than I can say about myself, since I still do not have the bunk beds they had on Different Strokes

And he married a Russian pop star who said he can fuck other chicks one day a year.

-Les Anderson

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