Monday, May 16, 2011

Bradley Cooper - 1 Les Anderson - 4105

Jessica Biel is bulking up in a bid to snare Bradley Cooper - sources say. According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Biel has invited Cooper — her costar in box office bomb The A-Team - to join her for a trek in the Santa Monica Mountains.

"She’s very physically fit and she always felt that Bradley was perfectly suited to her," a source said. "To appeal to his adventurer side, she asked if he’d like to go hiking with her rather than on a bvtraditional date. And it worked. Bradley agreed to go when they can work out the time."

I guess I can let Cooper have this one.  He needs to catch a break one of these days.  All that time he spent at Georgetown rowing crew, then right into the acting and fame he probably has never had time for chicks.  Plus who wants JT's sloppy seconds.

Also I think Biel is over-thinking how hard it is to pick up a guy.  It is average dudes who need to think of inventive dates and clever plans to get laid, not an actress with a body so hot that I have hard time masterbating to it because it doesn't seem realistic that I would be in that situation.

-Les Anderson

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