Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bradley Cooper banged Erin Andrews

Well maybe not, but im sure he did if he wanted to.  He has his hand around the small of her back.  All the signs are there bro.  These pics are at the white house correspondent's dinner

John Legand and gf  Christy Teigen

Erin Andrews, Brooklyn Decker, Kate Upton, and Jane Doe

There are more Ds in this pic than at a Nickelback concert... Am I right or am I right?  anyone?

And then Jeremy piven showed up to ruin everyones time with stories that all started "One time on the set of Entourage." and ended up with "Its real, I swear.  No! you can't touch it. I uhh...just combed it"

And good to see Chappelle's boy Neal Brennan is still alive

-Les Anderson

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