Friday, May 13, 2011

Bulls- Heat Preview

Point Guards: Rose vs Bibby
 Obvioulsy this is a huge advantage for the Bulls. Bibby is one of the bottom 5 starting point guards in the league, just a shell of his former self. Mario Chalmers will get a lot of run at point for the Heat too. But this match-up is all about Rose. The reigning MVP is going to carry this team and this city on his back. Expect his series averages to be around 32-9-4.

Shooting Guards: Bogans vs Wade
  As much of an advantage as we have in the point guard match up, we have as big a disadvantage in this match up. Wade is playing his best basketball in years right now. He is scoring both inside and outside. The Bulls will use Bogans and Brewer to slow him down. Hopefully Korver can find his shot, because he hasn't been a factor since Game 3 of the Atlanta series.

Center: Noah vs Anthony
This is another advantage for the Bulls. Noah is better in every aspect: offensively, defensively, and rebounding. Anthony and Haslem will give Noah trouble down low, at least more than the Hawks did. But clearly, Noah is the glue guy to this team. He just seems to be in the right spots on the defensive end and is always providing energy and effort.

Small Forward: Deng vs James
  Obviously the 2nd best player in the league has the upper hand in this match up. But think about this: what small forward would you rather have other than Deng, to go up against Lebron. I asked this question last night and got answers like Carmelo,Pierce, Iguodola, Artest, and all of those answers are wrong. I'd take some of those guys over Deng for their career, but not in this upcoming series series.
  In a 7 game series, you want someone who can play defense (Carmelo and Pierce are out) and score on the other end (Artest out). Deng might be the most underrated player in the league. He should have been on the All Defensive team and all while averaging close to 18 ppg over the course of the season. Listen, Lebron is the better player, no question, but if I got to pick one small forward to play against just Lebron for 7 games, I'm taking Lt. Deng.

Power Forward:
   By my count, we have the advantage in 2 of these matchups. The Heat have the advantage in 2 of these matchups. Now obviously Thibideau is going to coach circles around Spolestra, so thats another advantage, but coaching only tips the scales so much. So this power forwards matchup, probably the closest talent wise, is going to be the most crucial in this series.
  Boozer and Bosh have a lot in common. Both are all star caliber players. Both will probably be forever linked as the two best power forwards in last years free agent frenzy. Both players have been criticized by their fans for being soft, both make the same amount of money and both shoot too many fade away jumpers.
  The winner of this match up will be the player who can step up and make big plays when the other stars are struggling. Neither is going to dominate the paint or be a huge defensive factor. Its going to come down to who is more clutch between the two, and after reading about Bosh being scared of the atmosphere in away playoff games, I like our chances.... Plus we always got Taj.
   Bulls in 6.

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