Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bulls in must win situation

   When teams are down 1-0 in a series at home, Game 2 becomes a must win game, everyone knows that. Everyone also knows its up to the teams best player to carry them in must win games. Tonight Derrick Rose will be under a microscope like never before. His turnovers will be magnified and his missed 3s will be scrutinized.
   But if you've been watching this kid his whole career, he has yet to disappoint. He continues to impress me with his fortitude and mental toughness and I expect nothing short of 33-11-6 from him tonight.
   Along with the MVP comes responsibilities, expectations, and pressure. But there isn't one guy I'd rather have tonight on my team than D Rose. I don't care if his ankle is broken or his dad is Asian (pretty sure the rumor was started by Tazer), my man is gonna explode tonight. He will receive is MVP award before the game tonight, which I'm sure means the Madhouse will be rocking early. Expect a big 1st quarter out of the Bulls.
   Also, I refuse to believe the Hawks are going to continue to make tough shots, you can win games with jump shooting teams, but you can't win series'. Bulls in 5.

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