Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charlie Bells' wife is a Copy Cat, I mean husband stabber

Charlie Bell, a guard for the Golden State Warriors, is the third pro athlete to get stabbed by his girlfriend/wife in the last month. According to police, Kenya Bell, a former Miss Michigan, stabbed Charlie with a box cutter early Sunday. He's reportedly fine.

  So, I've actually met this bitch. And she sucks as a person, but you probably knew that after reading the previous paragraph. When Charlie played for the Milwaukee Bucks, his two kids went to University School in Milwaukee and lil Chuck was in my nephew's grade. I met her and Charlie when my sister threw a birthday party for the kid's and invited all the parents over for cocktails while kids played games.
   The Bell's came, and Charlie is normal, but she was a cunt. She complained about everything, and when she wasn't complaining she was bragging about being in the cast of the Housewives of Milwaukee (obviously producers cancelled said show, because no cares about Milwaukee, sorry sis). But I digress, this post is soley for telling everyone that Kenya Bell is a whore/tramp/cunt/ bitch. But she is decent looking with huge tits so I'll let it slide.

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