Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Derrick Rose MVP

We all knew this was coming.  Why does everything have to have some sort of irony.  Like he had to win on the heels of a Bulls loss in which everything his critics said about him came to life.  Bad shooting, weak defense, and propensity for turnovers.  It was hell of a regular season though.  It makes me slightly worried the Bulls are that kid from high school who raises his hand non stop and knows every answer, but then he goes and gets a 19 on his ACT (sorry if thats your score, but you are average as fuck . Which is what I'm worried about with the Bulls).  I am worried now that everyone cares about every point and every loose ball and we lose some of our advantages.  Losing game 1 at home when you are not a playoff tested team is not good.  I will not be comfortable again untill the series is 2-1 Chicago, its the life of a pessimist.  

-Les Anderson

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