Monday, May 9, 2011

Does this look like the face of a pornstar who offered Max Kellerman some DP action after the Pacquio Fight

  Adult actress, Francesca Le' is apparently a big boxing fan. She was very excited to hear Max Kellerman ringside at the Pacquiao - Mosley fight. She then extended Kellerman an offer to DP her. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kellerman said no.
  I've never like Max Kellerman, he seems like a whinny little bitch, and doesn't know half as much about boxing as Bert Sugar or Brian Kenney do. And this story makes me dislike him even more, I mean, who asks their wife if they can DP a pornstar. I mean first Gasol, now Kellerman, is every guy in LA pussy whipped? Somewhere in NY, Scott Disick chuckles proudly.

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