Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dude wants out of buying Condo after realizing he lives next to an S&M Leather Dominatrix. Oh Yeah its in San Francisco and the Dominatrix is a Guy

BizJournal - A San Francisco man who paid $621,000 for a condo to share with his 10-year old son is fighting to rescind the deal after learning the other unit in the two-unit building is home to a sadomasochism enthusiast who engages in loud “leather sex.” Jack Hagerty closed April 25th on the 2-bedroom unit at 32-34 Natick St. in San Francisco’s quiet Glen Park village. Hagerty said he put down more than $300,000 — all his savings — in order to create a home for his son. Recently divorced, Hagerty has 50 percent custody of the boy.  Hagerty said that after closing on the unit he received a surprising email from Edward Gibbons, the owner of the other unit. In the email, which Hagerty made available to the Business Times, Gibbons explained that he is “a sexual enthusiast and enjoys leather sex.”  “If you don’t know what that means I have a brochure I can lend you so that you can learn about it,” the email stated. “I am currently not working so I don’t need to keep a regular schedule as a result week nights can be late for me. At times, it is possible and even likely that the sounds of leather sex will be coming from my bedrooms to your bedrooms without an effective sound barrier. While it is not my issue, you may find you need to explain things to your son as it could be confusing to him since it frequently doesn’t sound as pleasurable as it is.”     Gibbons said the whole S&M issue only arose after Hagerty informed him that he planned on removing the extra thick padding and wall-to-wall carpeting that had been installed by the previous owner to limit sound between the two units. He said removing the carpeting will not only ensure that noise travels easily between the two units, but that it is a violation of the condo association’s covenants, conditions and restrictions — called CC&Rs — that dictate how the homeowners association operates and what rules the owners must obey.  “What I do in my bedroom should not be your concern,” said Gibbons. “The previous owner did certain things to mitigate the noise. This hasn’t been an issue for the 12 years I have lived here.”

  Listen Hagerty, this guy has been playing with leather long before you and your son moved to the block. He has every right to make weird noises at all hours of the night. Personally, I thought it was helpful that he let you know what's up beforehand. And don't even get me started on trying to break the condo associations CC&Rs. Blatant violations will not be tolerated on dominatrix Gibbons' watch.
  And if you really cared about protecting your son, you'd move out of San Francisco all together, before he catches a case of the gay. I mean this Gibbons character can't be the only leather fetish dominatrix in the city, I'd imagine they are a dime a dozen out there.
  Or cut the bullshit, add some extra sound proofing and tell your son, the noises from next door are just two guys practicing wrestling moves on each other. Then tell him he is never allowed to wrestle. Or maybe a good gay bash is in order. Either way, enjoy your new place, Hagerty.

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