Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stevenson student makes his prom date a dress

Illinois - For most boys their idea of getting ready for the prom is throwing on a suit and struggling to pin their corsage as they dash out of the door. But when Tyler steps out on prom night, it is not just his outfit that he has had to spend time thinking about. For the Illinois teenager has been lovingly designing, cutting and sewing a prom dress for his girlfriend to wear on the special night. The Stevenson High School senior has spent hours crafting the original satin evening gown for his sweetheart Lauren Comitor since February. ‘It’s going to be a nice feeling,’ said Tyler who will unveil his creation to his girlfriend on prom night on Saturday. The full-length sky blue number, which has an asymmetric design, has only cost $42 to make. But Tyler did not make the dress to be thrifty, he decided he wanted to take on the dressmaking as a challenge to himself after seeing one of his female friends making her own outfit. ‘I said “Wow, that looks good, why can’t I do that?’ Tyler told the Chicago Sun-Times. He dreamed up and sketched out the prom dress he wanted to make and convinced his friend to help him with the unusual project.  Tyler met his girlfriend, who is a year older than him and now a freshman at the University of Missouri, a year ago when they became chemistry lab partners. They have been having a long distance relationship since she started university, so will not see the dress until she comes home.  And in case she forgets who designed the exclusive number, Tyler has embroidered his initials above the satin strip that will cover her heart. Tyler, who wants to go on to study medicine, has already started on his next project – a handbag he is making as a gift for Mother’s Day.

   It takes a lot of balls to come out of the closet while you're still in high school. Especially right before prom. Wait, he didn't come out in the article. I didn't read it, way way way too long. But he is gay right? Just waiting for the right time to tell his parents?
   WHAT? His prom date is his college girlfriend. She probably doesn't cheat on him, huh? While he is cross stitching (is that a real term) her gown, she is getting pounded by the Missouri basketball team. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he is fucking someone on the boys basketball team at Stevenson, so he's not sweating it either. I mean seriously is Tyler the only person who doesn't know he is gay yet?
   But I'm sure she appreciates the gesture, who wouldn't want to leave partying in college to go to a non- alcoholic high school sponsored event in a $42 dollar dress.
  All you Stevenson alums out there should feel shame today. More so than normal.

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