Thursday, May 5, 2011

I really did not want to even post this but fucking Sean Penn

Scarlett Johanson is the latest victim of Sean Penn's magical powers of convicing idiots he is a secret agent from the future sent back in time to save the Earth from all that is evil, one mission at a time.  I knew she bought in to what he was selling when they started dating but these quotes make me want to jump off a building while using Sean penn as surfboard ala the Silver Surfer.  On the bright side she has a gut.  But at any second she can puke it right up and look like she does in the banner pic.

"Scarlett says every day with Sean is an education equivalent to a college course - he's so worldly and knowledgeable," reports a friend.

I wonder what college she is referencing since she never attended one.  Maybe she was reffering to the college Sean Penn went to.  Which was Santa Monica College (community college), where he studied auto mechanics and speech and did not graduate.  In that case I bet hanging with him is just like a college course: a bunch of retards with new information, a shitload of weed, and no perspective on anything. 

-Les Anderson

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