Monday, May 2, 2011

In the big news of the weekend

Fast and Furious 5 made 83 million at the box office.  The largest opening weekend ever for Universal.  It blew my mind too.  I'll be the first to admit I watch these movies on dvd or HBO, and that I am a Paul Walker fan.  Say what you will about his range as an actor but he is still around and gets to just play himself in every movie he gets.  Here are some highlights of Walker quotes.  If it you did not tell me where these quotes are from, I'd have guessed they were Hansel's lines from Zoolander 2.

He starts every day with 2 hours of Brazilian jujitsu at a studio near his modest Santa Barbara home, then follows up with an hour of Muay Thai kickboxing. After that, it's all about the water: "If there's any surf, any fishing, I'll whip out in the boat." That would be the fast rigid-inflatable that allows Walker to rip across to the Channel Islands and catch a few waves, maybe spear a calico bass for dinner, then have a buddy drive while he surfs the boat wake all the way home.

So it is with Paul Walker's vacation home: a construction site in Indonesia clogged by jungle brush. The neighbors are terrorists and the place is accessible only via clandestine transport by local villagers. Call it a fixer-upper. "It's been a lot of work," says Walker, 36, of his latest project. "I came here thinking it would be my own secret island -- heaven on earth. But there wasn't even access from the road; I literally had to bulldoze one. But it's worth it.

It's warm here, but it just pisses rain nonstop -- lightning storm after lightning storm," he says. "And working in the rain, I have to tell you, is not easy. I don't have electricity. I use candlelight. I cook over an open fire, the traditional way. I harvest my rice, dry it out, beat it, and cook it up. I dive for lobster and octopus

the actor was elbow-deep in chum, the rookie on a team of scientists and fishermen tagging great whites to track their migration and mating.

There's no gym out here, so I just do whatever I can to stay physical. It's condition-dependent; if there's no surf, I dive or stand-up paddle or canoe-surf or swim, or even do pullups from tree branches if I have to. And of course, there's surfing."

For Walker, that step up is REACT (Rapid Emergency Assistance Care Team), a group of EMTs and health-care professionals that he helped found.

-Les Anderson


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