Monday, May 16, 2011

In Young Black and Famous news

Reggie Bush is dating Rihanna.  Well if the guy did not like paparazzi with Kim Kardashian this is going to be tough as well.  I guess this time though both of them will be annoyed by the photogs, as opposed to one of them smiling contently and gaining power from the light of the flash bulbs. 

(Ed note: Maybe these pics are not the most recent.  Maybe she is not as skinny now)

Lets hope for her sake Rihanna isn't the problem and Reggie has to straighten her out C.Breezy style.

And at least Reggie has started to take the sloppy seconds of good R&B singers.  Ray J to Chris Brown is a good leap up, he should be happy with himself.

-Les Anderson

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