Monday, May 9, 2011

India bans cell phones for 2 years fo newly married women

NEW DELHI (AFP) An Indian state has told newly-wedded women to avoid talking too much on their mobile phones for the first two years of marriage in case it provokes jealousy from their husbands. The Punjab State Commission for Women (PSCW) issued an official advisory last week urging brides “to focus on their domestic life instead of having long conversations on mobile phones”. 

  Finally, a law that I can get behind. I'm mean its time for our women to stay focused on whats important: our dicks and feeding us. These are needs that have lasted the test of time. From Jesus (Mary Magdalene was a whore) to Obama (First lady makes a mean sweet potato pie) So unless your calling your bestie to get a new recipe or learn a new "trick" and by trick I mean butt play, stay off the cell and quit running up the bill.

ps-The middle east is the most chauvinistic place in the world. They treat women like objects and they have less freedom than Charles Manson. I wonder if they need a quality blog site over there. has a nice ring to it.

pps- "Punjab State Commission..." made me laugh out loud. I didn't know Punjab was a real term til now.

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