Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jaden Smith to make at least 3 mil for Karate kid

Guess which one is him and which one is me

TMZ obtained Jaden's "KK" contract from June 2009 -- back when he was only 10 -- and according to the docs, his up-front fee was split into two installments ... one for $900,000 and one for $100,000.

But Jaden's back end deal was even more lucrative -- since the film topped $150 million in the domestic box office, the young actor locked down another $2 million bonus. But $3 million is the bare minimum -- based on several additional in-contract perks AND the astronomical success of the film, Jaden likely pulled in even more.

Well the 3 million doesn't really matter. Will probably has 300 million more sitting around somewhere and he will just pour the 3 million in relatively the same place.  The only thing this money does is allow for jackass type lines in 10 years when he says he has earned everything he has, and how he "overcame" famous parents to be taken seriously. 

Somewhere in Chicago there is a stray bullet with my name on it.  But I am going to the Kentucky Derby this weekend so if said bullet could wait till after this Monday, Ill show up with target painted on and a stomach full magnets.

-Les Anderson

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