Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jesse James continues his journey back to decency

Nevermind.  He was on Howard stern talking about how much better  Kat von D (his former mistress and current girlfriend) is than Sandra Bullock (His ex wife and America's sweetheart).

He recently told Howard Stern that Kat Von D outperforms Sandra Bullock in the bedroom by 100 fold, according to E Online.

I mean if he's telling the truth, he is telling the truth, and it is probably no secret when you look at the two.  But I guess he just gave up on his image rebuilding and is going to run with this total dickhead image he has going. 

I just wish it was Tiger who took on the dickhead role after he got caught.  At his first tourney out he had a sick goatee and I thought he was going to go rogue, and just start dating sluts, showing up in Ferarri convertables and go all Kirk Van Houten

-Les Anderson

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