Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lebron having an affair with Jordin Sparks

Terezowens.com-According to my source, who is an NBA Player who wishes to remain anonymous, Lebron James is having an affair with….Drum roll please…Pop star and former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks…The two have been hooking up for a few months…To make matters worse, I’m being told LeBron James’ girlfriend/baby mama/ Savannah Brinson is six months pregnant.

 Listen I got no problem with Jordan Sparks. She seems like a nice, normal chick, but she also seems like a girl I could get. She doesn't seem like an out of your level type lay. So what is Lebron doing here. If he just did a one and done after a late night of partying in miami and didn't think it would get around, then thats fine. But if he is putting in time with this broad then it just doesn't make sense. What ever happened to athletes doing 10s? wait, this just in..... Ron Artest's wife looks like a pug.....

Update by les:

The bitch has puked her way right to the top if she is fucking Lebron.  Cause above is a pic she tweeted yesterday and below is what she used to look like.  God I love the impossible standards hollywood puts on girls.

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