Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LeBron, Nike, and Conspiracy Theories

This is from a recent interview with Charles Barkley.

“I don’t know if Dwyane’s upset with me, but I don’t sit around and worry about it.” He said LeBron James hasn’t said anything to him. “These athletes today are all wussified,” Barkley said. “I’ve been saying LeBron’s been the best player in the league for three years. And I say one thing criticizing The Decision, and I get a phone call from Nike saying why don’t I like LeBron? It’s interesting how this [expletive] works. These groups today, if you don’t say 100 percent positive about their guy or their team, they overreact.”

I see all sides, I see how Barkey has to be objective as he is analyst and that is his job.  I see how Nike doesn't like someone making fun of their number one guy, especially a former Nike guy.  And I see how an egomaniac like Lebron doesn't like to be criticized about anything ever no matter what.  The bottom line is suits run the show; the whole world seems to be one big cross-marketing web of interwoven nonsense.  I would not be surprised if Lebron was Jonny Depp's costar in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie because of some relationship Nike and ESPN have and since ESPN is owned by Disney it makes almost too much sense.

Sorry I don't mean to rant but I'm hungover as shit, and this reminds me how the NFL told ESPN to sit down when they pee and made them cancel Playmakers which was an awesome show

-Les Anderson

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