Friday, May 6, 2011

Mississippi still has segregated schools

The Huffington Post: JACKSON, Miss. — A public school district in Mississippi and the federal government are divided over whether the schools are complying with a desegregation order that dates back to the civil rights era. The Justice Department has asked a judge to order the Cleveland Public School District “to devise and implement a desegregation plan that will immediately dismantle its one-race schools,” but an attorney for the district said it has been following the latest order and sends the federal government updates on its integration attempts.

Les, Kentucky is the start of south so be careful down there. And by be careful I mean find out how they are segregating still. Also if you see a toothless fellow playing a banjo run the other way, but whatever you do just don't tell them we won the war. Although not sure why they got Charlotte and we got Cleveland in that deal.

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