Monday, May 2, 2011

NBA stuff

Memphis upset OKC at home despite good games from Durant and Westbook.  Bizarro Zach Randolph continues to be a beast while maintaining a a new level of maturity and level of composure.  He is like 13 year old that just got put on Ritalin and becomes a model student.  All I know is eventually the pills stop working or he forgets to take them and all hell breaks loose.  I am hoping this happens in some sort of scuffle with Kendrick Perkins and turns into the best playoff fight of all time. 

Dwayne Wade was sick in dropping 38 on Celtics after averaging just 12 against them in the regular season.  As much as I hate Boston I really don't want to see the Bulls play Miami, but it feels really weird to root for Boston.  The Paul Pierce ejection is getting a lot of play and speculation on what he may have said to Wade that required an ejection.  I don't think he said shit, I just think the ref called the double technical cause they both got face to face, and it was Pierce's 2nd T so he got bounced. 

I was hungover as shit yesterday so I started drinking for the basketball games.  I feel even worse today, but there is the Bulls game on tonight so I assume beers are in my future again.  So I may be mailing it in the next 2 days.  But on the bright side, how awesome is that picture of Randolph.

-Les Anderson

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