Friday, May 6, 2011

Patrick Kane is sporting a black eye after being roughed up by a Cuvee bouncer

   (not a current pic, hoping to have one soon)
   Kaner's off-season isn't going as smoothly as last season. Last night he was spotted at Rockit, sporting a black eye (and blood red eyeball) as he partied for cinco de mayo. Allegedly, a couple days before he was roughed up by the bouncers at Cuvee after getting lippy with one of them.
  Hey, Kane this is a 'what have you done for me lately' city. You lose in the first round of the playoffs in this town and we will bring you down a peg or two. So unless you plan on winning the cup again next year, save your smart ass comments for the cab drivers in Buffalo.


  1. Pretty sure the black eye is from the playoffs. Check out post-game press conference video and clean out day from the lockers.

  2. He got boarded in the playoffs by Ryan Kesler -- his black eye is a direct result of that. No mystery, no story, no drama, no rumors. Just a work-related injury!

  3. Exactly. The Canucks are a bunch of punks ready to take a run at any vulnerable Blackhawks player. There is no story here.

  4. LOL two more cups to Chicago