Monday, May 9, 2011

Pau Gasol has shitty playoffs because he broke up with his girlfriend...blames Laker wife for it

He’s been playing average at best the last few weeks, and my Lakers source is telling me Pau is in the middle of a bad break up with his girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro... today more info coming out of Laker Land.. The rumor is that Vanessa Bryant an unnamed teammates wife was causing all kinds of trouble and now Pau is pointing fingers..-TO

  Then theres this quote from Pau after their series-ending loss: "Individually, I want to learn from it. Just look back and see everything that's been going on. Try to handle it better and just, whatever goes on--on or off the floor--just try to keep it that way."


    Obviously I'm not going to write about the Bulls today, I just refuse to believe these teams are evenly matched and that this series is going 7 games.
   So instead, I'll keep talking about the other happenings from around the NBA, mainly the smutty happenings...  Pau is a fucking pussy, letting his ex-woman get in his head that easily. He has to bring up one of his bottom bitches and stay focused. Instead, he lets her ruin a three peat run! His first and last three peat playoff run. If I was Kobe I'd rape his girlfriend (too much? didn't think so). Then I'd get him traded this off-season.
  But could Silvia Lopez have picked a worse time to break up with Gasol. She knows its playoff time and she knows that's when it would have hurt the most. Just a ruthless move by this senorita. Mucho gusto. That's spanish for I-lika-her-titty.

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  1. Sad that a chick gets in the mix and destroys the chemistry of a dynasty.