Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phil Jackson is the new Brett Farve, Lesbian columnist says

So the lesbian part an assumption but I'm pretty sure my gaydar is spot on with this slut.  The only thing I hate more than woman's sports is women reporting on sports, besides Reggie Millers super model sister, chick is a dime.  With that being said, I read this article this morning and I was infuriated to say the least:

Phil Jackson is the new Brett Favre when it comes to retirement. This is Jackson's third stab at leaving coaching, but did you see how coy he was after the Lakers were swept out of the NBA playoffs Sunday and he was asked whether he really was retiring for good?
So get ready, Knicks fans, for months of overheated speculation about when, if, where, how and what it will take to lure Jackson back. Brace yourself for more of those cat-and-mouse interviews Favre made famous when he was/wasn't/was/wasn't/was coming back after he left the New York Jets.
Every time the comeback stories start to wane, both of them have had a habit of ginning up the speculation again.
We've heard this sort of flip-flopping before, haven't we?

This fucking cunt has the audacity to compare the greatest coach in the NBA to that wrangler wearing attention whore Brett Farve?  I wish she was right next to Les Anderson in a back ally right now because he would let his opinions be know real quick.....WITH HIS FISTS OF FURY!!
This bitch is off on this for so many reasons.  The only thing they have in common was both retired and came back.  So was MJ the new Brett Farve?  Was Amanda Bynes the new Brett Farve when she briefly retired from acting in hits such as What a Girl Wants?  So is anyone who retires than starts working again the new Brett Farve?
Phil Jackson retired because Kobe Bear Bryant raped a chick, Shaq got pissed he got dimed out by Kobe to the fuzz and was get getting fat and old and Jerry "I look like a 70s pedophile" Buss decided to stick with Kobe and blow up the team.  Phil saw an out and he took it.  Than everyone realized that they needed him and gave him an ass load of money to come back and win championships.  He didn't hold press conference after press conference fake crying, telling everyone he would retire year after year, trying to act the everyman while showing really everyone his cock.  He got out, wrote a book telling the world Kobe was a punk and then KOBE wanted, nay, needed Phil back.  If not for Phil, Kobe would have never gotten those 2 championships and would always be living in Shaq's shadow, stewing inside and taking that aggression out on more teenage white chicks in hotel rooms.
This cunt Johnette Howard, who's writing credits include "The Rivals: Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova, Their Epic Duels and Extraordinary Friendship." (I must say I would be shocked if this chick is straight) need to get her feminist (slang for dike) facts straight and go eat a dick

-Frank Martin

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