Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rise of Taj

In the latest episode of "What Bulls Will We Get Today" we got the good ones. 

Boozer's vagina finally stopped bleeeding and he showed some toughness, mostly by screaming like a jag every chance he got.  But he did throw a nice cheap shot to Josh Smith's ribs.

D.rose had a good game, but had an impossible time guarding Teague who didn't look like he could miss.  On the bright side we may be able to get Hinrich back as a 2 guard.  But Bogans did play well, but then again he averages 3 pts a game this season.

Lt. Deng started of us on the right foot and was the early spark plug we needed to set the tone for us.

The real story was Taj Gibson who played awesome, and needs to get equal playing time with Boozer.

Box Score here

-Les Anderson

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