Monday, May 2, 2011

Thibodeau Wins Coach of the Year

  This was a surprise to no one. Tibs tied the record for most wins by a first year coach with 62 and led the Bulls to the best record in the NBA. He has installed a culture of hard work and winning in our entire roster. Its very rare for a first year head coach to get the entire team to buy into his system. And it's even rarer for a team to do it so quickly and successfully.
   Some haters will say he benefited from D Rose's improvement and a better overall roster than last year. But the truth is if, Vinny Del Negro was coaching this exact roster, we would have 45-48 wins. Tibs has us playing the best defense in the league without an elite defender on the entire team. Lets face it, other than Luol Deng, no one on this team plays great 1 on 1 defense. Noah doesn't scare big men around the league, Boozer is awful defensively and D Rose can block shots better than any point guard in the league but he needs to work on his defensive footwork as well.
     Thibodeau was the reason we were 1st in the league in opponents FG% and second in the league in points differential. Tibs understands matchups and has a knack of exploiting them. For example, in this upcoming series with the Hawks, he has Joakim Noah guarding Josh Smith and Carlos Boozer guarding their center Al Horford, knowing that Smith is least affective when he stays out of the paint and forces wild shots from the outside. He has made moves similar to this all season long. Every button he pushed was the right one. So congratulations to Coach Thibideau, he truly earned it.

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