Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Asian kid gets my sympathy

  I hate to see men stealing baseballs from kids at ballpark. I mean that Asian kid came to the park to see his hero Hideki Matsui (I'm guessing) and had the chance to get a souvenir that would make him remember this game for the rest of his life. But no this Santa looking character felt like he had to take him down a notch. The guy probably served in Vietnam and still harbors ill feelings towards the slants. Pretty childish if you ask me.
  But I do love the Asian dad's reaction, he gives the kid the old 'its ok we are smarter, richer and will live longer than that poor fat bastard' rub of the head. But try that shit on me when I have kids and we are gonna have ourselves an old fashioned donnybrook right in section 121 row 1.

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