Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This what happens when chicks get married too early

Just ask Nick Lachey, marrying a virgin is only cool to start with.  Especially if they are hot, famous and exposed to the biggest stars in the world.  Olivia Wilde dropped her husband who she married at 19 and now seems to be getting deep dicked by every guy in LA who has hosted an SNL.  On the brightside her ex husband is an Italian Prince, so if anyone deserved what he is getting it is him.  I can only imagine him as he is reading the gossip rags throwing his hands in the hair like he is holding invisible chop sticks "why Olivia! why you no longa like a de Prince?  You no like a me momma's sauce?"

Newly single Olivia Wilde has been spending time with Jake Gyllenhaal! The actors were spotted two weekends ago at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and were seen together again bowling with a group of friends in Brooklyn.

The gorgeous Tron actress, 27, separated from her husband earlier this year and was seen out on an aquarium date with Ryan Gosling back in March

Then in early April, Wilde had some fresh arm candy out in Hollywood where she was seen dancing and flirting with costar Justin Timberlake

-Les Anderson

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