Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tom Brady leaving football to run international crime syndicate

Tom Brady's dumb hat

Well it looks like Handsome Tom has finally realized the real money is being the head of an ambigious international cartel run out of Monte Carlo.  Instead of taking on opposing defensive lineman and pesky cornerbacks, he will now concentrate on ways to kill James Bond.  That and laughing extremely loudly on his yacht while revealing diabolical plans in between smoking cigars and telling bikini clad women to fetch him another drink.  Seriously if this pic was in black and white it would look just like a picture taken by the hero in a spy movie to get a visual on his target.

But seriously this was taken at the The Kentucky Derby which I attended briefly until the  Louiville police department had other ideas.  And thats the last we will speak of that.

Target: Trevor Alphonse
Title: Head of the Monaco Syndicate
Bio: Recently has taken over operations for his aging father.  What he lacks in business sense he makes up for in blood lust.  He has a penchant for pretty girls and gambling.
Mission: Take target, alive is possible.

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-Les Anderson

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