Monday, May 16, 2011

Was this the greatest dunk in Bulls playoff history?

  Taj Gibson's dunk last night was the highlight of the NBA playoffs thus far. But I think you can make the argument that it was also the greatest dunk in Bulls playoff history. It's either this one or the Pippen over Ewing dunk back in 1994.
   But this was the Eastern Conference Finals, Pippen's was in the 2nd round. Also, this was a two handed power dunk, where as Pippen's was one handed. Both are great dunks, mainly because they were over great players. And it should be noted that Scottie deserves style points for putting his cock in Ewing' face afterwards, but my vote is still going with Taj.
   Gibson doesn't make a lot of highlight dunks in transition. Most of his dunks come on offensive rebounds, so it kind of took me by surprise to see him get that high up. I mean Wade didn't even come close to blocking that ball, he barely reached Taj's elbow.
   But the crazy thing is, Taj's put back dunk at the end of the game was almost equally as impressive. The kid put on a fantastic show last night. We just need to carry this momentum into Game 2 now.

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