Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome Back, Boozer

  Just when it looked like Carlos Boozer was headed for a bench role, he comes through with a monster performance in Game 6. He made 10 of 16 shots and had a Pippen-esque line of 23-10-5.  I think most of the credit for his performance should go to Tom Thibideau for benching him for the last 15 minutes of Game 5. Its amazing what an athlete can do when he sees his playing diminish and his starting spot being questioned.
  Now, I'm sure everyone is gonna want me to eat some crow and say I was wrong about Boozer being worse than Gibson, but the truth is Gibson killed it last night too. He played tough d, he hit shots, he rebounded, and he has been more reliable than Boozer these entire playoffs. But If they can both play this way in the next series, then Chris Bosh is going to have a tough time at both ends of the floor.
   But the pressure will remain on Booze. One good game doesn't wipe away 2 months of bullshit performances. He has to be more consistent. He can't keep having one good game and two poor games. He has to be counted for big baskets in big situations. He should last night he can do it, now we just need it done more often. And we will have a breakdown of the Bulls-Heat series in a little bit, but you can bet your ass Boozer-Bosh is the most critical match-up in Eastern Conference Finals.

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